Who does it Belong to?

I have been reading a lot of stuff lately about copyright violation and how best to avoid it. I have always enjoyed Flickr pictures and have shared the pictures that I found interesting. Recently I read about it on this post how to share images the right way. The author explains how to find the original image and providing the actual links for the photographer/artist before sharing it on social media. I hope this is a good way to share links. At this point, I’d like to point out that I share pictures from Flickr because I find them interesting and that others should enjoy the beauty of it as well.

Everything on the internet is for everyone to see. All artists/photographers showcase their work for different purposes. For them, their art is their livelihood and we do not have a right to take it away from them. As a best practice:

  • Always take permission from the copyright holder to use their art
  • Provide a back-link to the original picture and mention the name of the copyright holder
  • Use your own pictures whenever possible
  • Search for Creative Commons work

Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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