A Welcome Relief… for using pictures

After reading a lot of blogs about image misuse and copyright infringement, I have been doing a lot of research on public domain and Creative Commons images. I happened to come across Richard Byrne’s blog post about resources for teachers where he has a lot of resources. But I was looking for using pictures on blogs and sharing images and I chanced upon a rather interesting site for nature pictures. Ken Thomas has a collection of great pictures, and he has released them into Public Domain. Below is an excerpt from his website which I personally agree with.

Claiming that I own the rights to a picture of a mountain, or a tree, or a sunset, just seems absurd to me when I don’t own the mountain, the tree, or the sun.

Another site which I found different was Photo Pin which is a search site for Creative Commons images. It allows you to download the image in various sizes and also provides the code to provide attribution. It is an easy way to use the picture and provide attribution, saving the user some time. Next time you are in need of a picture for your blog, be sure to check out these two sites. Below is a snapshot of the site.



Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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