Moving Out of the First Quadrant

I have been avoiding the topic for a long time but I turn 26 in a few days. I am still young and I believe that age is just a state of mind. But it makes me feel old in that I have moved to the next phase of my life.

I remember a dialogue from Full House, which used to be my favourite show and I can still remember in detail how my sister got me hooked on to it. In one of the episodes, it’d be Jesse’s birthday and he had turned 26. Then Kimmy tells him that he is more than half way to 50.

I am in Jesse’s situation. I am quite freaked to be turning 26. I don’t want the calender to change the date. I wish time would just stop and I remain 25 forever.

But let’s be honest. Time and tide waits for no man has been around forever. Who am I kidding? Growing old is inevitable. Whether I want to or not, the clock is going to strike 12 and the day is going to turn. The seconds will go on to become minutes and the minutes will go on to become hours and the process repeats itself.

I am nobody to stop the rules. I cannot expect nor wish for the rules to change just for me. I am after all a mere speck in the whole universe, may be even lesser. It’s time I just stop grumbling and face the facts. Life has a lot of experience to offer and the more I enjoy each day, the better stories I can tell others.


Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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