Making the Right Choices

Recently I read a quote which said,

Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

It got me to think about a certain situation in my life and how I have been making excuses for it.

It is a straight-forward scenario with two possible solutions:

  • The first solution: I swallow my feelings, hide what I really want to say, and everyone is happy.
  • The second solution: I reveal my feelings, I feel better but hurt a few people in the process.

I am very tempted to take the first solution. I only have to wait for time to heal me and then I am good to go. I can save a lot of people from getting hurt even if I have to lie to them. In the end, it is just easy to deal with it rather than go through the mess of having to prove my point.

But when I think of it, I should not be selfish. Of course, doing what I want without thinking about others’ feelings is selfish but unless I am happy, I cannot expect others to be happy in my presence.

In the first case, I have a lot of excuses and most of them are very convincing. I am surprised how all those excuses make me reconsider my decision. But I know for sure that even though time heals me, this decision is going to nag me throughout my life.

Growing up is not just about increase in age. It is a continual process, which gives us invaluable experience, and it is about making a decision, no matter how tough it is.


Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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