Lessons from Subway Surfers – 2

Photo courtesy: Facebook

In continuation from my previous post on Subway Surfers, I would like to add some more learnings from Subway Surfers.

I have been watching Vampire Diaries lately and was re-introduced to the concept of immortality. It is cool that you can live forever without having the fear of losing your life. But is it all worth it?

I certainly don’t think so. Playing Subway Surfers for long has made me experience immortality. We have something called hoverboards, which are used to avoid crashing. So whenever there is a threat of a “crash” you have to activate the hoverboard, which will rejuvenate your “life” in case you crash.

This is a very handy concept and helps you reach high scores. (I may be wrong about this!) The hoverboard remains active for about 30 seconds, in case there is no crash. But it takes a few seconds to allow you to activate the next hoverboard. You can avoid a crash by activating the hoverboard in case you are in the wrong lane and there is an approaching train.

So far so good. But how long will you go on? You may argue that your aim is to reach your high score. But what after that? Will you still be motivated to go on?

Immortality is a widely discussed topic. If given a chance, we all would want to live forever. But when we run out of things to do, we get bored and that’s when we have two choices:

  1. Stop doing things and sulk about life
  2. Find new interesting things to do.

The choice is in our hands. Whatever we choose, one thing is for certain, we alone are responsible for it.


Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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