Lessons from Subway Surfers – 3

Photo Courtesy: http://hornmatters.com/
Photo Courtesy: http://hornmatters.com/

Subway Surfers seems to be my latest store of life lessons. People say getting addicted to games is bad but I choose to differ, especially with regard to this one game.

Subway Surfers come with its own goals. You get a set of three goals. If you complete all of them, you get a reward in the form of coins or other useful items for the game. Goals play an important part of our life. We need to have goals to move forward.

Many a times it is not possible to finish all the three goals in a single game. So when the goal is “carried forward”, you might finish it at a relatively earlier stage. In such cases, you don’t know what to do next. If you are able to quickly form a goal for yourself, or check out the new set of goals that are generated, then you are safe.

What if you fail to do either of these?

If you are on safe ground, where there aren’t barriers or trains nearby, then you are safe. Else you crash into one of these and perish.


Suggestions? Opinions? All Thoughts Welcome!

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