Lessons from Subway Surfers – 4

Continuing with my series on Subway Surfers, here is my next post and the last one in this series.

There is a feature in the game which allows you to buy your way out of playing certain goals. Sounds familiar?

Like in our real lives, we have the easy way out of a lot of things. But it doesn’t mean that it is always right, does it?

The easy way out , is well, easy. In life, we always have choices. We have the choice to act, the choice to think and the choice for just about anything.

We are bound by a lot of constraints. We have our parents to be answerable to, our friends to accept us and the society to not scrutinize our every move. Ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have the nagging voice in your head to dictate your every move?

As humans, we need approval, be it from our friends, family or society. What if we didn’t have to worry about any of those and just be who we are? Sounds surreal? I agree but it’s not impossible.

It is not easy to take the right road. You will find yourself alone, without any help or encouragement. But that little voice inside your head is all that you need. To be you, to be unique. After all, no two individuals are like in spite of sharing 99% of DNA.


Getting Rid of Junk

The junk in my Life

In response to Daily Prompt for Sep 29, 2013.

There is a lot of junk in everyone’s life.  And mine is no different than anyone else.

When I get back home from work, I just dump my bag in one place and my stuff in another. By the time I get back I am so tired that I don’t have energy left for anything else.

This is my story each and everyday. I know the solution to it but I don’t do it because I am lazy. I have this habit of putting off until tomorrow what I can do today.

Today I decided no more. Enough is enough. There is no more space for clutter or junk in my life. I started by getting rid of the unnecessary things. With a heavy heart, I bade goodbye to things that I cherished and that I thought were important.

But I got my priorities sorted. The most important person in my life is me. I need to take care of myself, and not wait for anyone to rescue me. Junk exists because I let it be there. Once I clean out the junk, life gets smooth.

There is no more space for junk in my life. It only has space for what I need and use. If something isn’t beneficial, it has no right to be in my life.

Lessons from Subway Surfers – 3

Photo Courtesy: http://hornmatters.com/
Photo Courtesy: http://hornmatters.com/

Subway Surfers seems to be my latest store of life lessons. People say getting addicted to games is bad but I choose to differ, especially with regard to this one game.

Subway Surfers come with its own goals. You get a set of three goals. If you complete all of them, you get a reward in the form of coins or other useful items for the game. Goals play an important part of our life. We need to have goals to move forward.

Many a times it is not possible to finish all the three goals in a single game. So when the goal is “carried forward”, you might finish it at a relatively earlier stage. In such cases, you don’t know what to do next. If you are able to quickly form a goal for yourself, or check out the new set of goals that are generated, then you are safe.

What if you fail to do either of these?

If you are on safe ground, where there aren’t barriers or trains nearby, then you are safe. Else you crash into one of these and perish.

Lessons from Subway Surfers – 2

Photo courtesy: Facebook

In continuation from my previous post on Subway Surfers, I would like to add some more learnings from Subway Surfers.

I have been watching Vampire Diaries lately and was re-introduced to the concept of immortality. It is cool that you can live forever without having the fear of losing your life. But is it all worth it?

I certainly don’t think so. Playing Subway Surfers for long has made me experience immortality. We have something called hoverboards, which are used to avoid crashing. So whenever there is a threat of a “crash” you have to activate the hoverboard, which will rejuvenate your “life” in case you crash.

This is a very handy concept and helps you reach high scores. (I may be wrong about this!) The hoverboard remains active for about 30 seconds, in case there is no crash. But it takes a few seconds to allow you to activate the next hoverboard. You can avoid a crash by activating the hoverboard in case you are in the wrong lane and there is an approaching train.

So far so good. But how long will you go on? You may argue that your aim is to reach your high score. But what after that? Will you still be motivated to go on?

Immortality is a widely discussed topic. If given a chance, we all would want to live forever. But when we run out of things to do, we get bored and that’s when we have two choices:

  1. Stop doing things and sulk about life
  2. Find new interesting things to do.

The choice is in our hands. Whatever we choose, one thing is for certain, we alone are responsible for it.

What’s my Name?

Daily Post writing prompt for Sep 2, 2013

I wanted to give a brief history about my name.

I was born on a Friday. In India it is a day to worship the Goddess of wealth. So I was named after one of Her incarnations.

Now that I think of it, I was aptly named. I am not boasting when I say that I have enough at all times. There have been a lot of times when I was out of funds and luck seemed to shine in my favour by providing me the necessary means. Another point of note is that I am careful with my purchases and I plan what I have to buy. Like they say, a penny saved, is a penny earned.

This is a relatively small post. But that sums up the essence of it. I am aptly named and I am happy with it.

I don’t have a Hobby

Strange Hobby
Strange Hobby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I read about “Immersive Hobbies” in one of the internal blogs at office. In simple words, it goes on to say how we need to have a hobby that demands time from us, just so we can utilise our time better.

My dad is on the verge of publishing his second book. It is a poetic version of Ramayana, the mythological epic.

When he was younger, at least I remember when I was a kid, his articles were published in the local magazines and he had quite a collection. Apart from that he also wrote for office periodicals. Over time the collection of his writings grew so huge and he had to discard them when we shifted homes.

My dad is a bureaucrat and has a very hectic office life. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his interest, that is writing. He is the best example I have for someone with an immersive hobby. He makes time to write, in spite of his schedule and that is the basis for a hobby.

As a result, he is grounded man. I remember as a kid, he used to make us wake up early just so we can read. It need not be our studies but anything in general. We used to hate him for that, especially when he splashed cold water on our face on the freezing winter mornings. But now I appreciate his thought. He thought as a parent, about what was good for us and in the long run, it helped me.

When I think about myself, I don’t have any hobbies, immersive or otherwise. I don’t even read in spite of having a shelf full of “books to read”. On introspection, I realised I was plain lazy. I was making excuses like lack of time, or tiredness or something of the sort to push off reading. All it takes on my part is to pick up the book and start reading and I am done. It hardly takes a few days to finish a book but making an attempt to read it is the hardest part.

To avoid more laziness, I have decided to read the first book on my shelf. Hope I can finish it by the end of the week.

Finally Got to this

Today’s Daily Prompt is Procrastination and I think it suits me well.

I wrote the above line on Aug 19th 2013 and have been waiting to finish it.

Many times, avoiding doing things seems to be the best solution. You’d rather not have to deal with the messy after effects. After all, who wouldn’t want a clean setting? By avoiding the mess, we are creating a virtual situation, which is sure to backfire.

I have been putting off a lot of things, be it out of fear or sheer laziness. It is a pledge that I have taken to improve my life.

So finally I did it. I got rid of parts of my old life, that I rather not have and I finished this post.

Making the Right Choices

Recently I read a quote which said,

Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

It got me to think about a certain situation in my life and how I have been making excuses for it.

It is a straight-forward scenario with two possible solutions:

  • The first solution: I swallow my feelings, hide what I really want to say, and everyone is happy.
  • The second solution: I reveal my feelings, I feel better but hurt a few people in the process.

I am very tempted to take the first solution. I only have to wait for time to heal me and then I am good to go. I can save a lot of people from getting hurt even if I have to lie to them. In the end, it is just easy to deal with it rather than go through the mess of having to prove my point.

But when I think of it, I should not be selfish. Of course, doing what I want without thinking about others’ feelings is selfish but unless I am happy, I cannot expect others to be happy in my presence.

In the first case, I have a lot of excuses and most of them are very convincing. I am surprised how all those excuses make me reconsider my decision. But I know for sure that even though time heals me, this decision is going to nag me throughout my life.

Growing up is not just about increase in age. It is a continual process, which gives us invaluable experience, and it is about making a decision, no matter how tough it is.

Lessons from Subway Surfers

I admit that I am addicted to Subway Surfers game on my Android phone. For those of you who don’t know it is a game where one has to dodge all the obstacles and keep moving forward until eternity.

One of the features of the game is the Missions, which are a set of three goals. Once you complete a mission, you get some goodies and a new set of goals are created for you and the cycle continues.

In the initial days, I could barely cross 20 thousand in a single game and having connected my Facebook account, I could see my friends having high scores in millions and more. I used to be envious of them.

After playing regularly, I got the hang of it and I can now comfortably score about a 100 thousand in a single game, which may not be much but it is to me. I have played several missions and I always tried to combine two or more missions in the same game and quickly realised the futility of it. This could be just me but this helped me understand some things in my life.

We had been told from our childhood to focus on one thing at a time. Back then I used to think that it is possible to do multiple things at the same time, (like breathing and thinking for example, ;)) I even know of people who watch TV and study at the same and they claim it doesn’t affect their learning. To each, their own.

My learning from Subway Surfers is:

  • Don’t try to do several things at the same time. Ultimately, all will fail.
  • If you are not good at something, the only way to get better is by practice.

Picture Perfect

Today is World Photography Day. I didn’t know such a day existed until today.

I have been a photographer since I was twelve years old and back then we had an Olympus film camera. I had captured quite a lot of memories on it and I still have it, for old times sake.

With the advent of digital photography, everyone became a photographer. I still remember the time we used to share pictures via Post. When my sister was born, we had to take her to the local photographer to have her pictures taken and sent them across to close relatives. Now, all you have to do is share them on Facebook/Twitter/Email and what not. You don’t even have to step out of the house.

Owning a camera these days is a piece of cake. Most mobile phones comes with a camera which are enough for day to day pictures. If one is more interested, there are a slew of point-and-shoot cameras and they are all easy to operate. For even more adventurous folks, who like better control, there is always the digital SLR.

I have to admit that I am overwhelmed with all the features. I had the opportunity to use one of my friends’ Nikon SLR camera. Handling it is not as easy as your smaller Digi-cams or the mobile cameras. But holding it itself gives you some power. You suddenly feel compelled to play around with the controls. But unless you know what each control is for, you will be frustrated using it. There are things you need to know before taking pictures on it. Once you master it, you will never go back to other cameras.

Digital photographs are easy to share and as a result, fall easy prey to plagiarism. So every other photographer these days has a watermark across their photos, to mark their territory. I personally feel that it puts the focus on the watermark instead of the picture, thereby not doing justice to the picture. All the effort of the photographer goes down the drain and that is something that I don’t want.

Finally, I want to wish all the photographers out there a very memorable World Photography Day,