Birthday Hues


God’s Blessings

Yesterday was my birthday and a lot of people wished me via different modes. When I think about how the day went, I have the following points of note:

  • I went to the temple in the morning and not being a religious person I spent just five minutes there. It so happened that they had rava kesari as prasadam and it is my favourite sweet. Having got it as prasadam assured me that God had blessed me.
  • Thanks to Facebook a lot more people wish me than what I would expect. I can safely say that I do not have too many friends but whoever few are my good friends wished me over phone and text. It made me very happy to have received those wishes.
  • I was a total spoilt brat for one day, something that isn’t my true nature. It was surprising to see everyone give in to my tantrums for a day. Having been a good kid all my life, I had a feel good feeling to see people around me care for me genuinely.

With another year gone by, and with renewed zeal, I hope to achieve things that need not be great but with better understanding of why I am doing it.