Daily Inspiration

With the whole world going green, my office isn’t far behind. We have our own internal site with a lot of cool apps. One among them is the Go Green App. This app features all the upcoming activities related to environment conservation and preservation.

Recently, I came across this activity called ‘Take the Stairs’. In this, there was a pledge saying that I, so and so, will take the stairs when I have to climb one or two floors. I had been following this but recently I was moved to a different location and my workspace is on the sixth floor.

It was impractical for me to climb all the six floors on the first day. So I started with climbing down. It worked for a few days and then I started with the climbing up. On the first day I was breathless but I was ahppy to have made it.

Sometimes laziness gets the better of me and I take the lift. Today I saw the huge crowd for the lift, which was my first inspiration. So I took the stairs. There was a lady ahead of me, who seemed to be calmly walking up the stairs. My initial paln was to climb three floors and continue the rest on the elevator.

Then a thought struck me. I thought I will climb until that lady reaches her floor. I was fine until three floors. But the lady continued further. So I followed suit. With each floor my breathlessness increased but I had to go on. Ultimately, I reached the six floor while she went further.

All thanks to her, I was able to achieve my goal today and I’m grateful to her for providing me inspiration today.