There is always hope

Even the worst of all situations will transform into something better. The point is to hang in there till the end.

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Being in Comfort Zone

Life always has a weird way of changing when we have gotten used to a particular set of recurring events.

We always resist change; we do not want things to get out of control or face situations where we cannot make a direct decision.

Time and tide wait for no one and the earlier we adapt to situations the better it is for us.

Life is hard, unlike what some people want us to believe. The success is in never letting go of what we truly believe in and persevere till the end.

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Sister love

This reminds me the day my sister was born. And it makes me feel so old 😦

I still remember the day my sister was born. She was so tiny and I was just a little bigger. I was happy that I had someone to play with.

There is this picture of ours where I have my hand on her and it makes me feel so good even to this day. I would do anything to go back there and live all those moments again.

Life was so much easier and simpler back then.

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