I don’t have a Hobby

Strange Hobby
Strange Hobby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I read about “Immersive Hobbies” in one of the internal blogs at office. In simple words, it goes on to say how we need to have a hobby that demands time from us, just so we can utilise our time better.

My dad is on the verge of publishing his second book. It is a poetic version of Ramayana, the mythological epic.

When he was younger, at least I remember when I was a kid, his articles were published in the local magazines and he had quite a collection. Apart from that he also wrote for office periodicals. Over time the collection of his writings grew so huge and he had to discard them when we shifted homes.

My dad is a bureaucrat and has a very hectic office life. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his interest, that is writing. He is the best example I have for someone with an immersive hobby. He makes time to write, in spite of his schedule and that is the basis for a hobby.

As a result, he is grounded man. I remember as a kid, he used to make us wake up early just so we can read. It need not be our studies but anything in general. We used to hate him for that, especially when he splashed cold water on our face on the freezing winter mornings. But now I appreciate his thought. He thought as a parent, about what was good for us and in the long run, it helped me.

When I think about myself, I don’t have any hobbies, immersive or otherwise. I don’t even read in spite of having a shelf full of “books to read”. On introspection, I realised I was plain lazy. I was making excuses like lack of time, or tiredness or something of the sort to push off reading. All it takes on my part is to pick up the book and start reading and I am done. It hardly takes a few days to finish a book but making an attempt to read it is the hardest part.

To avoid more laziness, I have decided to read the first book on my shelf. Hope I can finish it by the end of the week.