Getting out of the Well

The story of the “Frog in the Well” is fairly common. It is used as an analogy for someone who refuses to move out of his or her surrounding because of the comfort.

It is extremely difficult to move out of projects in most companies and I had the opportunity because there was a ramp-down. Once I moved out of that project, which was quite monotonous and relaxed, I felt like I had come out of the well. After moving away, I realized how I was being stifled in the earlier project. I was comfortable with the way things were and I was waiting for the big break which never came.

Once I moved out, I saw the things that I had missed by being in the old project. There are a lot many things to learn and I had deprived myself from doing them. I had become a “Frog in the Well” and didn’t want to move away because of the benefits that I had. I failed to realize that doing so would only bring about my doom.

Now that I think of it, I was very scared to move away. We tend to stick to things because we are used to and because of familiarity. We are afraid of what lies beyond and don’t want to risk running into danger. But what if we are wrong? What if our staying back is more harmful than moving away? How are we to know it?

I am not an expert to answer that but based on my experience, I’d say we need to give it a shot. It might not be easy and not be conducive but it will save us from the regret of not having tried.


Daily Inspiration

With the whole world going green, my office isn’t far behind. We have our own internal site with a lot of cool apps. One among them is the Go Green App. This app features all the upcoming activities related to environment conservation and preservation.

Recently, I came across this activity called ‘Take the Stairs’. In this, there was a pledge saying that I, so and so, will take the stairs when I have to climb one or two floors. I had been following this but recently I was moved to a different location and my workspace is on the sixth floor.

It was impractical for me to climb all the six floors on the first day. So I started with climbing down. It worked for a few days and then I started with the climbing up. On the first day I was breathless but I was ahppy to have made it.

Sometimes laziness gets the better of me and I take the lift. Today I saw the huge crowd for the lift, which was my first inspiration. So I took the stairs. There was a lady ahead of me, who seemed to be calmly walking up the stairs. My initial paln was to climb three floors and continue the rest on the elevator.

Then a thought struck me. I thought I will climb until that lady reaches her floor. I was fine until three floors. But the lady continued further. So I followed suit. With each floor my breathlessness increased but I had to go on. Ultimately, I reached the six floor while she went further.

All thanks to her, I was able to achieve my goal today and I’m grateful to her for providing me inspiration today.