Too much is Really too Bad

I started writing when I was sixteen and to be frank, my writing has come a long way. When I go back and read stuff from that time, I see a change in the writing style and topics.

Now I am a better writer but I used to write more back then.  I know the reason too.

Back then, I wrote for fun. I used to write what I felt, without worrying too much about the technical details. I used to feel great about whatever I wrote and I might have been appreciated too.

But now, I focus too much on the details. I want to get the style right, stick to POV, focus on character building and what not. It is just too much of work L

I wish life was simpler now; my goals are still the same. I don’t have dreams of being a best seller. Back then I wanted to write for myself and it was easier. I put in a great deal of effort to keeping it private and it worked for a long time. Then my writing became less private and people started reading it. They complimented it and I let it get to my head. As a result, I stopped writing as well as I used to. Now I try to avoid writing and end up reading about writing, which doesn’t help at all.

I have started writing again and it helps me relax. I even started writing on paper to avoid being distracted by internet.

In conclusion, I feel one should write from the heart for one can never go wrong. Technical stuff is important but it can be dealt with later.