Picture Perfect

Today is World Photography Day. I didn’t know such a day existed until today.

I have been a photographer since I was twelve years old and back then we had an Olympus film camera. I had captured quite a lot of memories on it and I still have it, for old times sake.

With the advent of digital photography, everyone became a photographer. I still remember the time we used to share pictures via Post. When my sister was born, we had to take her to the local photographer to have her pictures taken and sent them across to close relatives. Now, all you have to do is share them on Facebook/Twitter/Email and what not. You don’t even have to step out of the house.

Owning a camera these days is a piece of cake. Most mobile phones comes with a camera which are enough for day to day pictures. If one is more interested, there are a slew of point-and-shoot cameras and they are all easy to operate. For even more adventurous folks, who like better control, there is always the digital SLR.

I have to admit that I am overwhelmed with all the features. I had the opportunity to use one of my friends’ Nikon SLR camera. Handling it is not as easy as your smaller Digi-cams or the mobile cameras. But holding it itself gives you some power. You suddenly feel compelled to play around with the controls. But unless you know what each control is for, you will be frustrated using it. There are things you need to know before taking pictures on it. Once you master it, you will never go back to other cameras.

Digital photographs are easy to share and as a result, fall easy prey to plagiarism. So every other photographer these days has a watermark across their photos, to mark their territory. I personally feel that it puts the focus on the watermark instead of the picture, thereby not doing justice to the picture. All the effort of the photographer goes down the drain and that is something that I don’t want.

Finally, I want to wish all the photographers out there a very memorable World Photography Day,